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str8 blackstrAKT

abOut mE, mySeLf, aNd i

hOme bAse | abOut mE, mySeLf, aNd i | gaLLery | kOntaKt me


allOw me to re-intrOduce myselF...

Anaj is a self-taught abstract visual artist whose work evokes a certain emotion and intimacy through her use of color, texture, and movement. She utilizes several forms of media that reflect an introspective body of work. Her topics, while controversial at times blend graffiti, politics, sexuality, and propaganda to emphasize her messages. Anaj invites us to think and explore the abstract yet trivial details of life. She even coined the term "blackstrakt" to define the powerful aspects of abstract expressionist painting. While applying her aphorism, "Puttin’ Power to Pigment", she eloquently merges an observers curiosity with creative spirit. Artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jackson Pollock inspire her to communicate and give birth to art that is progressive, refreshing, and provocatively raw.

artist stAtement...
my ART speaks for itself. is it SpeaKin lOud enuff?

fAvOrite artiSts...

dALi, cALder, mOndriAn,picASSO,de koOning,wArhOL,dOuglaS,LAwreNce


an URBAN edge to everything abstrAKT